Linux web services Part I

This is an introduction to a series of talks about setting up Linux servers. I'm going to make the assumptions that you already have some experience at the command line »

Tools and Plugins for OSX

Believe it or not I actually try to avoid plugins because they make it difficult for me to standardize my development machines, but typically some need arises and a plugin »

Setting up and deploying Python Flask to Dreamhost

I have a few applications I have written that run on Flask. Every time I would go to deploy a new application I would always seem to forget one of »

Xcode shortcuts & settings

Here are some hot keys and preferences that make life in Xcode much better. Open quickly Search through files, classes, and method names. Command Shift O UseĀ option enter to »

Some useful utilities for OSX

Here is a list of some useful open source tray tools I use daily. Easy window management: Spectacle The biggest issue I have with OSX is the way window management »